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Steve is a fun, high-energy Mediterranean smart-arse. Merging his sunny island roots with his cheeky London wit.

Equally confident riffing off an audience or sharing on OTT sex story,, Steve has the energy to lift a room and leave it gasping for more.

An award-winning MC, comedian, comedy writer, & broadcaster Steve has appeared on and/or written for, Discovery Family, Sky, BBC, SBS (Melbourne), Colourful Radio, Capital Radio and XFM.

He has written and directed numerous plays including Romeo and Juliet 2 (and a Zombie), Adam and Eve (and Kevin) and How To be a Londoner in an Hour. His first book  - State of the Nation was released in 2016. 



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Adored as a god by a tribe in Papua New Guinea (because of rumours that sacred milk seeps from his nipples every third Thursday of the month), many scientists now believe that it is in fact Steve's enormous manhood, not his breasts that are of more significance to the world. In fact it is thought that the incredible size of his penis is the only thing that is stopping the world from being torn apart by opposing gravitational forces.

Born in Germany (to a virgin mother and father), Steve was raised (by wolves) on the tiny island of Malta. And it was here that his first forays into comedy came when at 17 he got his first radio gig on a community station in Valletta. Fast forward a couple of years and he found himself on the newly formed Capital Radio, creating radio unlike anything the country had heard of before (so much so that the sun and the moon both came out at the same time whenever he was on air). He soon got his first TV gig winning a TV award for the production and presentation of the kids' history show 'Storja Tinkiteb'. Because it was awesome.

Steve then went off to live in Australia, Cambodia and Namibia for a few years, becoming a full time volunteer and all-round good guy.

After single-handedly saving the planet he returned to Malta and was soon back on air doing breakfast radio on XFM and also on stage being the new Laurence Olivier. (Only better. And funnier. And with more dreadlocks.) It was at this point that his creative (and man) juices really started flowing.

Over the next couple of years Steve wrote and directed numerous fringe style shows - 'Romeo and Juliet 2 and a Zombie', 'Adam and Eve...and Kevin', 'Sex Confessions of a Maltese Man' and then he kicked off his annual adult panto in summer. He also created the 'Baron Bubblebeef project' recording the cult hit 'Jennifer's Dead', a song which brought peace to many regions on earth.

Moving to London Steve threw himself into the comedy scene with such aplomb that it practically brought down the E.U. Sorry.

Steve is married to Kat who won his hand after taking part in the reality TV show 'Who will get the man with the enormous shlong'  during which she had to decapitate four other potential suitors.

He does not have kids although he does sometimes put little baby-grows on his semen and takes them to the park.

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