Film/TV/Radio Credits

Steve recently appeared in the film Courier To Paradise as Danny Trejo's sidekick. And look out for him in the awesome upcoming horror flick ToyBox Killers.


Steve was also in Sinbad (Sky)  was recently one of the "expert comedians" in Scared of Santa (Sky) which was shown on Discovery Family in the US and in the UK

He has written for BBC radio 4 (Newsjack) and has also presented shows on Colourful Radio, Capital Radio, XFM (Malta) & SBS (Melbourne). 

Whenever he is in Malta you can catch him on XFM 100.2 

Steve on the radio - Steve Hili
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Podcasts/Web series

Around The Word in 80 Comedians is a travel podcast unlike any other, as Steve finds out about different places through the eyes of the most observant creatures on the planet…Comedians!

In season 1, we spoke to comedians in Russia, The United States, Australia, Macedonia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Egypt and loads more places. Season two launched a few weeks ago. And it is brilliant. So subscribe… RIGHT NOW! Listen to it here


A web series called Sex Advice is available on Steve's YouTube channel. It is kind of NSFW. You've been warned!