From Mon to Fri Steve is on air on XFM 100.2 3-6pm (CET) live from his London kitchen (cos, you know, New Normal)


As well as being on XFM he has written for BBC radio 4 (Newsjack) and has also presented shows on Colourful Radio, Capital Radio, & SBS (Melbourne). 


Then there are the movies!


Steve appeared in the film Courier To Paradise as Danny Trejo's sidekick. And look out for him in the awesome horror flick ToyBox Killers.


Steve was also in Sinbad (Sky)  was recently one of the "expert comedians" in Scared of Santa (Sky) which was shown on Discovery Family in the US and in the UK

Wrong Answers Only

Wrong Answers Only is the show where comedians compete to answer the biggest questions in the world! Why do onions make you cry, what was said at the last supper, and what to do when your live with a free spirit who refuses to throw teabags in the bin? 

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