These are some of Steve's previous Edinburgh hours (they are really good!)

Green Finger!

Like you, Steve Hili knows the world is in trouble. And he is worried about it. Also like you (if you are part of his target audience, that is) Steve Hili enjoys getting it on.

So now he is bringing the worlds of environmentalism and “sexiness” together in a last-ditch effort to save the planet. Forget Extinction Rebellion. This is SExtinction Rebellion.

But the show is much more than that! With a whole range of topics being put under the microscope – from growing up (without a foreskin!) in the most Catholic place on Earth to dealing with Brexit-emboldened racists, the show has it all.

It even has tiny bit of real, actual, activism thrown in too!

"One of the best things i saw at  fringe...perfect"

- Arts Awards Voice

Steve's first festival hour-long show was called Burning Love. To the Ground 

It is a show about Love, Lasagna, and Linda Lusardi (remember her?) and it got a five star review. Arts Awards Voice called it "Perfect"

Watch a taster of the show here

and read the review here

When he was 5, Steve Hili thought he was having an eye operation. Turns out he was being circumcised. It came as a shock.


These are the high-octane adventures of a man coming face to face with his manhood (possibly literally