Pornocchio - Comedians Faking it!

Steve is hosting a brand new show called Pornocchio at Aces & Eights in Tufnell Park, London on Feb 12th. The show is a sex and relationship- themed comedy night... with a special Would-I-Lie-To-You round in the middle of it! An ideal date night for Valentine's Day. Get your tickets here

Green Finger. At The Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Like you, Steve Hili knows the world is in trouble. And he is worried about it.

Also like you (if you are part of his target audience, that is) Steve Hili enjoys getting it on.

So now he is bringing the worlds of environmentalism and “sexiness” together in a last-ditch effort to save the planet. You've heard of Extinction Rebellion. This is SExtinction Rebellion.

Green Finger is a brand-new high-octane show from the mind behind the Never Mind The Backstop Farewell Comedy Tour.  It is an in-your-face mixture of environmentalism and sex jokes with a bit of real, actual, activism thrown in too! Making the world a tiny bit better. With sexiness!

And in March/April it is going to be at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Details soon!


Around the World In 80 Comedians - Steve's brand new podcast

Season TWO off Around The World in 80 comedians has just been launched!! A podcast for travel (and comedy) fans that describes what countries and cities are REALLY like, through the eyes of the most observant creatures of all - comedians. Is it really like what the tourist brochures say? How "casual" is the racism? What IS the stabbing/STD ratio?

Listen to it right here

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