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Steve is a fun, razor-sharp, smart-arse comedian based in London and gigging all over the world.

With sunny Mediterranean roots - he is the only professional comedian to come out of the island of Malta -  Steve is a whirlwind of energy on and off the stage. He is also an award-winning comedy-writer & broadcaster. You might have seen/heard him or his work on Discovery, Sky, BBC, and SBS (Australia). 

Crude... Hilarious and eye-opening... Perfect - VoiceMag

The Energy of a dog who needs to be taken out - Vice

Sterling Work - The Guardian

Like a hippy Energiser rabbit with new batteries - WeekendNotes

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Hey you! Have you got a naughty secret? Well how about you get it off your chest? Naughty Malta's Sexy Secrets is a BRAND NEW SHOW featuring real life confessions, acted out on stage! 

This is how it works...

a) The general public fills out an anonymous survey

b) Steve makes the confessions into a sketch show

c) You go to the theatre to watch it (you know how this bit works)

Fill out this anonymous survey and you might see your story being acted out ON STAGE! And don't forget to sign up to the mailing list to get early access to tickets to the show when they go on sale. 

The Wrong Answers Only

Wrong Answers Only is the podcast/panel show where Steve and his comedy mates from around the world answer the biggest questions in the world. Just wrong.

It is anarchic, silly, surreal and quite possibly the strangest podcast you'll ever hear.

Available on Spotify, Apple podcasts or wherever you get your pods

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Thank you Melbourne

The Sexy Environmentalist was a massive success in Melbourne! Thank you to all the people who came out, got involved and spread the word about sexy activism! 

A new show is coming soon!


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