Steve's Tour has been cancelled! (want to buy him a coffee?)

So, there is this virus, right? And it means that Steve's tour has had to be cancelled. BUT you can still support him by buying him a coffee!!  Thanks to the clever people at You can donate the price of a coffee to Steve (not a rum and coke but still). Just click here (No pressure of course, but if you don't he will never forgive you)

Steve is back on XFM! Live from his kitchen!

Steve is back on the radio...LIVE FROM HIS LONDON KITCHEN (it is the new normal you know!) You can catch him Monday to Friday from 3-6pm (CET, 2-5pm GMT) on the BIG DRIVE HOME on XFM 100.2

It is 3 hours of high-energy silliness with features like pregnant or drunk, throwback showdown, and Queen Liz Agony Aunt!


You can hear XFM anywhere around the world on


Something new is brewing and it is going to be AWESOME! A podcast that brings together Steve's favourite comedy pals in a confession slamdown... WATCH THIS SPACE

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