My name is Steve & this is my website. We should hang out more


The Wrong Answers Only Pod is here!

The Wrong Answer’s Only Podcast has dropped! It is fun, silly podcast where Steve and his comedy mates answer the biggest questions in the world. Sort of. So if you want to find out what was said at the last supper, why onions make you cry and what chat up line always work, have a listen and subscribe, right here or wherever you get your podcasts

Steve on XFM

Steve is back on the radio – presenting the Big Drive Home on XFM, live from his flat in London (It is the new normal) A big thank you to the everyone who is tuning in (latest survey figures show an increase of almost 25% in listenership since Steve took the reins) and getting involved in features like pregnant or drunk, the Throwback Showdown, or Agony Aunt Queen Liz. Tune in Mon-Fri 3-6pm (CET) on

Covid gig update

The UK is still locked down of course, but AS SOON AS IT IS LIFTED, Steve will be gigging again. He has got loads of new material that seemed hilarious when he said it in the mirror, so it must be good, right?