Steve is a fun, razor-sharp, smart-arse comedian based in London and gigging all over the world.

With sunny Mediterranean roots, Steve is a whirlwind of energy on and off the stage. He is also an award-winning comedy-writer & broadcaster. You might have seen/heard him or his work on Discovery, Sky, BBC, and SBS (Australia). He currently presents a daily show on XFM.

Crude... Hilarious and eye-opening... Perfect - VoiceMag

The Energy of a dog who needs to be taken out - Vice

Sterling Work - The Guardian

Upcoming shows

Fri 19 Nov

Middleton on sea - MC

Sat 20th Nov

Private event

Weds 23 Nov

Church  of  Comedy Tour Down Under Bar, Budapest

Thurs 24th Nov 

Church of Comedy Tour  Badeschiff Wien, Vienna

Fri 25th Nov 

The Sexy Environmentalist Tour

The Sexy Environmentalist is a high-octane mix of environmentalism and “sexiness” in a last-ditch effort to unite humanity and save the planet!

Time is running out, but (according to Steve) the green movement has got its tactics wrong. We're not going to change the world by making people feel guilty about their life choices. Instead we have to make Environmentalism more sexy.  And Steve is just the man to do it.

Combining interactive activism(ish), tales from Steve's time on the green front and even an intervention from THE Stormy Daniels (who, Steve argues, would be a better leader of the green movement than Greta Thunberg) this filthy but heartfelt hour will be the most important show you'll see this year!

The Wrong Answers Only

Wrong Answers Only is the podcast/panel show where Steve and his comedy mates from around the world answer the biggest questions in the world. Just wrong.

It is anarchic, silly, surreal and quite possibly the strangest podcast you'll ever hear.

Available on Spotify, Apple podcasts or wherever you get your pods


The Big Drive Home on XFM

Steve is back on the radio – presenting the Big Drive Home on XFM, live from his flat in London (It is the new normal). A big thank you to the everyone who is tuning in - latest survey figures show an increase of almost 25% in listenership since Steve took the reins! Whoop! Whoop!


With features like pregnant or drunk, the Throwback Showdown, and Agony Aunt Queen Liz, driving home has never been more fun!

Mon-Fri 3-6pm (CET) on