Green Finger in times of Social Distancing

This year was supposed to be the year of Greenfinger. 

Then the Coronavirus happened. 

BUT YOU CAN STILL watch a preview of Steve's "Brilliant" new special from the comfort of your own home! For just £5! Just click here pay £5 - AND DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. And you'll receive a secret link! Exciting huh?

*PLEASE NOTE - This preview was only created for personal purposes so it is not perfect. But you'll love it!

**IF you are a health care professional just send me an email on and we will send you the link for free. Because you are brilliant.


Green Finger is a brand-new high-octane show from the mind behind the Never Mind The Backstop Farewell Comedy Tour.  It is an in-your-face mixture of environmentalism and sex jokes with a bit of real, actual, activism thrown in too! Making the world a tiny bit better. With sexiness!

Green Finger is supported by Arts Council Malta - Cultural Export Fund 


Around the World In 80 Comedians - Steve's brand new podcast

Season TWO off Around The World in 80 comedians has just been launched!! A podcast for travel (and comedy) fans that describes what countries and cities are REALLY like, through the eyes of the most observant creatures of all - comedians. Is it really like what the tourist brochures say? How "casual" is the racism? What IS the stabbing/STD ratio?

Listen to it right here

Buy Steve a coffee!

Are you one of the people who Steve's work and  want to buy him a drink? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


Through KO-FI you can donate the equivalent of a coffee to Steve (not a rum and coke but  still). You can do it by clicking here

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