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Comedy Writing

Writing is a huge passion of mine - probably the one thing I enjoy doing more than anything else. (Except playing bra slingshot. I love that game!)

As well as writing my own shows and material, I also write for other comedians (in the UK and abroad) for TV, radio, online platforms, theatre and for the print media.

​I'm not going to tell you who the comedians I write for are (because that would not be very nice), but I can tell you that I have written for TV in the UK and Malta (including an award winning kids TV show - Storja Tinkiteb) and for radio in both Malta and Australia.

One writing gig I am particularly proud of is the annual Comedy Knights sketch show in Malta. Every year I am one of the main writers of this brilliantly awesome topical stage show. And I perform in it too!

Theatre-wise, I have also done quite a lot of children's comedy including commissioned pieces for The Ziguzajg International Children's Festival - Danny and the Monster Clothes (2014) and The Magic Bus (2015).

​You can also catch my work on numerous websites (google me. I do it all the time!) as well as on great magazines like  Il-Bizzilla, VIDA.

​And on top of all of that, I write ads for radio and TV and have a number of corporate clients who get me to add some spark to any text that needs a bit of magic - from brochures and flyers to press releases and websites.

For a comprehensive list of my writing credits and if you would like to have a chat about your latest project, please get in touch.

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