The Adult Panto...In summer

Pantomime used to be synonymous with Christmas. A sweet end-of-year show that delighted the kiddies on a cold winter's night.


Not any more!


Now in its seventh year, the Adult Panto in Summer has taken great pleasure in subverting the rules of the genre and turning what was once considered an innocent night out, into a raunchy, rowdy and ridiculously funny night of madness!

Not only is it the naughtiest and most un-pc show in Malta, it is now also one of the bigger shows on the island packing out an 800-seat theatre during the performances.


From teabagging to clitoris singing, from mankini-panto horses to baddies who become assholes (literally) there really is nothing like it. And then there is the politics...


Steve writes, directs and usually has a cameo appearance in the show, whilst Michael Fenech now produces it - and everyone wants to be part of it - from actors to corporate sponsors.

Except Steve's mum. She doesn't like it. At all.


These are just some of the comments we've had about the show in recent years...

"Cried my eyes out with laughter" - Ruben Overend

"Sick, twisted and out of your mind Steve? Well that's what we expected and it was funny as hell! Great show" - Matthew Bugeja

"Hilarious performance!" - Roxanne Magri

"It was Hilarious! Well done all!" - Johanna Bartolo

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