Romeo and Juliet was the greatest love story the world has ever known. But it all ended tragically. Because of terrible timing.


Bloody Shakespeare. 


But what if… it had all been different? What if destiny had been on the lovers’ side? What if the fates had smiled at our lovers instead of scowled? What if our star crossed protagonists had been dealt a cosmic three course meal instead of a fateful diarrhoea sandwich? 


This is the story of what might have been. The tale of what would have happened if Juliet had woken up just five minutes earlier, if she and Romeo had fled to modern-day London, if Paris and Rosaline had got back onto the scene and if Tybalt had been resurrected as a zombie (of course).


Oh and there is a mad witch from the Scottish play in the mix as well. 


Romeo and Juliet 2 (and a Zombie) is the 18-rated, mad sequel to the greatest love story ever, offering full-blown, low-brow, naughty, offbeat, fringe-style fun!


Weird? You bet your iambic pentameter it is!

As well as doing stand-up Steve is also a theatre writer and director

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Adam and Eve…and Kevin -  the story that started...everything!


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Not one for the biblical purists.